El Ejido is a municipality of Almería province,in the autonomous community of Andalusia. Pantallazo

It is a centre of production for fruit and vegetable, in the middle of the “Comarca de El Poniente”.




The basis of the economy in El Ejido is agriculture and that through it have been created in the town thousands of jobs, both directly and indirectly … laborers through the greenhouses to pass Alhondigas directors, traders, …


Fruit and vegetables from El Ejido are grown using Biological pest controls in greenhouses.


El Ejido is a municipality that has come to the top, and today has more than 80,000 inhabitants including a large majority of foreigners wECI ALMERIAho have come here in search of work and a better life.











The Laguna Tower is the most high tower built  in Andalusia, and it is localized in El Ejido.Torre_Laguna

In conclusion El Ejido is a municipality with culture, with history, which has been formed through the efforts of many and the permanence of a little but with the indifference of any other municipality.


El Ejido 16  localizacion3444636576_ae5b3b5927







 More photos about our town




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