Andalucía is located in the south of Spain. There are eight provinces and five of there have beach. The climate is irregular, because in winter have cold with temperature of -5ºC and in summer, have very hot, with temperatures higher than 35ºC.

The perfect plan of summer is, when you go to the beach, and you finish have a bath there, you can go to a restaurant who is localizated next to the sand of the beach, while you are eating, you can hear the waves of the sea.

In Andalucía, there are a lot of traditional parties in diferents provinces:

-Sevilla: it’s most famous parties are Semana Santa and April’s fair.

-Córdoba: La Candelaria and Jabugo’s day.

-Jaén: Horses’ Fair and San Miguel’s Party.

-Huelva: The little Rocío and the cross of May.

-Granada: Moros and Cristianos, and Rosario’s Virgen.

-Cádiz: Carnaval of Chipiona and Mazanilla’s fair.

-Málaga: San Benito’s Party and Apple’s Party.

-Almería: San Marcos and San Isidro.

Here there are a map of Andalucía:




In Andalucía is so beautiful place to relax like beachs, to do a lot of sport like skí in Sierra Nevada.





Almería is located in the east coast of Andalucía.

The most important party here is ‘Feria de Almería’ which is more or less than ‘Feria de Abril’ in Sevilla but we celebrated it in August.

The food which is typical in Almería is potatoes omelette with ‘pisto’. Pisto is a mix of vegetables with tomato, red and green chili pepper, onions, courgette, and aubergine. And you can eat it with a typical Andalusian salad.

Tortilla rellena de pisto (9)ensalada cordobesa


In Almeria the beaches are spectacular. Here a lot of scenes of different films were filmed last years ago.

In Almeria you can visit ‘Cabo de gata’.is a national park which is protected by the government, because here live different kind of animal. Also, Almería has got a dessert, mountains and beaches which are spectacular.


*A perfect day in Almería would be: firstly in the morning you would go to an excursion to the national park and after, you would go to one of the most famous beaches, for examples: Las Negras, and after then, you would go to a restaurant and when you finish, you return to the beach to see the sunset.






Cádiz is located in the south of Andalucía.

It’s most important party is Carnival, which consist in: A group of sixteen persons, more or less, who wear lots of different sorts of clothes while they sing song which letter was written by themselves.


The most important food that you can find in Cádiz are different types of fish. The fish that you can eat in Cádiz is the best fish of Spain, it’s so delicious and fresh.

The best place to visit in Cádiz are their beaches, there you can do activities like volleyball on the sand, or surf, or whatever you want.


*A perfect day in Cádiz would be: in first place you would reserve a table in a restaurant where you can drink something until lunch time.

When you have taken your lunch, you can go to the beach to swimming, to relax to get tan and enjoy this paradise.






Sevilla is the capital city of Andalucía.

The most important party there is ‘Feria de Abril’, it consists in one week when the people wear the typical dresses of Andalucía. Here yoy can see some pictures to understand it:


casetas476_0 feriadeabril1caballoscaballos01


The food which is typical in Sevilla is ‘Gazpacho’. Gazpacho is a mix of tomatoes, bread, cucumber and green and red chili pepper, a lot of water, salt, oil and garlic. You can eat it or drink it.



In Sevilla you can visit a lot of monuments, parks, avenues with shops, cathedrals, churches …

One of the most important buildings that you should visit is the Giralda. It is a very big tower which is located in the centre of the city. The cathedral is next to the tower.





*A perfect day in Sevilla would be a day when you could eat in a restaurant the typical food while you are looking the Giralda.

After the lunch you could go to Sierpes Street to buy a delicious piece of cake, and after you would go shopping in differents types of shops that you can find in Sierpes Street.





Granada is located in southeastof Andalusia.

The most important party there is ‘Crosses of May’, other party that is very important is ‘Rosario’s Virgen’.

The ‘Semana Santa’ in Granada is very beautiful.


The food which is typical in Granada is beans with ham. In others places in Andalusia beans with ham are also typical.


Granada is a place where there are a lot of turists.

In Granada you can visit The Alhambra,is a important historical place.


Sierra nevada is one of the most place more visited where you can do ski, play in the snow and have a good day


Granada is a good place to visit.


Málaga is located in northeast coast. Is called ‘La costa del sol’ because Málaga have a spectacular beaches. The best of Málaga is the beach and his restaurant.


The most important party there is ‘La feria de Málaga’ and ‘San Ciriaco y Santa Paula’.



The food which is typical in Málaga is ‘Pescaito frito’


In Málaga you can visit ‘La alcazaba’ and the beach, one of the best beaches in Spain.

    images  jbn las-mejores-playas-de-malaga  AXA05F1.jpg





Jaen is located in northeast of Andalusia.

The most important party there is ‘San Lucas’, other party that is very important is ‘La romería de la Virgen de la Cabeza’.


The food which is typical in Jaén is ‘pipirrana’.


The most characteristic are the olive trees.



In Jaén you can visit Santa Catalina’s castle and the cathedral of Jaen.

0_3926_1 17984544   jaen_1152861



Cordoba is located in north of Andalusia

The most important party there is ‘la feria de mayo’ and ‘la cata de vinos’



The food which is typical in Córdoba is ‘salmorejo cordobés’


In Cordoba you can visit a lot of monuments,such as ‘Medina Azahara’,’Los patios de Córdoba’ or a lot of museum.

20   índice patios_de_cordoba_10




Huelva is located in western Andalusia

The most important party there is ‘Nuestra Sra. de la Cinta’


The food which is typical in Huelva is ‘mojama’


In Huelva you can visit the beaches or ‘El parque nacional de Doñana’

  parque_nacional_donana_1 parque-nacional-donana_clip_image002 Playas-Huelva (01)acantilados




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